Names Miguel, i enjoy good times, good friends, correction *The best of friends, I love my family to fucking pieces, oh yeah i'm Mexican and Sicilian, I enjoy helping people out regardless of their situation.

My hobbies include Skateboarding, painting, playing video games, reading (non fiction and Eastern/Western philosophy), soccer, basketball, football (UofM inspiration).

My downfalls include my directional skills, clumsy, awkward for the most part, weird, annoying, extremely prideful, hardheaded, i laugh almost every sentence, i lack common sense when i'm comfortable with friends/family, accident prone, way toooo trusting, constantly misplacing vital materialistic possessions.

Despite all that though i'm a growing human being just learning from his mistakes day by day, i have dreams to capture and honestly couldn't be happier with who i am as a person.



What did he expect lmao


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can we just take a moment and think about the time my dad accidentally made a fried egg that looked exactly like africa


i’m the most impressed by the fact the egg also has madagascar



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im an infp s0 hard it’s not even funn y